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Belinda Currin, AIA, ACHA, CHC, CHFM, NCARB - Owner

Belinda Currin, AIA, ACHA, CHC, CHFM, NCARB – Owner

Belinda Currin, AIA, ACHA, CHC, CHFM, NCARB, has been practicing in the fields of construction and healthcare architecture for over 25 years.

Ms. Currin, a board-certified healthcare architect licensed to practice architecture in multiple states, has focused on behavioral and medical healthcare design, recovery centers and medical centers for both the Department of Defense and commercial healthcare systems.

Her goal is to help clinical stakeholders develop existing or new spaces to more effectively serve their mission of patient care and recovery.  Key elements include incorporating design flexibility with support utility expansion capacity while upholding budgetary and regulatory compliance requirements.

Ms. Currin is the 2017-2018 Virginia Society of Healthcare Engineers (VSHE) Conference Chair, and is a long-standing, active member of VSHE and the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE).


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