Healthcare Design and Construction Philosophy

We practice in the belief that Healthcare Design is much like Holistic Medicine, with its foundation balanced on three components: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Perpetuum mobile : Gears

Mind – Understanding that the facility’s Design and Construction Team must be of one direction: Mindful of effective functionality, flexibility of systems & equipment, realistic in constructability, respectful of schedule and budget.

Understanding that the facility is a living, changing Body of spaces. It needs to be able to grow, internally adjusting through flexibility in design and engineering while continuing to function effectively. The facility must strive to not just for problems as they arise. Instead, the facility should be cared for with consistent maintenance, analysis of clinical services’ performance based on the environment of care and providing a competent, comfortable connection with the patient and caregiver.

Spirit – Understanding that clinical care and the patient recovery process are the Spirit of the facility is critical in designing meaningful spaces. Thoughtful foresight in creating spaces that can evolve with ever changing patient care needs, advancements in technology and treatment processes is key in the team approach to healthcare design, with each component working together towards a cohesive and flexible environment.

Balance is achieved through these three interdependent components working together. If one of the components is not working properly, the remaining parts will be affected.

Designing with an interdependent balance of the facility as a living, changing Body; the clinical care and patient recovery process as the Spirit and the Mind’s thoughtful foresight of providing for infrastructure flexibility, the facility should perform optimally, Balancing the built environment with the care and recovery process.

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